Obtaining leads for a business is similar to hooking a fish in the sea without knowing if it will come out. For a business to succeed, it is important to generate leads and secure maximum deals. However, you can never be sure if the lead will close a deal with you or not. Classifying and nurturing leads is the best approach to make sure they seal a deal with you.

You must define your leads and comprehend lead conversion before implementing your B2B lead generation tactics. By doing this you can assure a quicker and easier buyer’s journey. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of leads and how you can prospect them.

B2B Sales Leads Classification: Warm Leads and Cold Leads

B2B Sales leads can be classified into three main categories: hot leads, warm leads, and cold leads. The leads are categorized on the basis of where they are in the buying process. There are different ways in which you can nurture leads. While some leads may secure a deal right away, others might require more time.

You can never be certain that all of your leads will eventually become paying customers. But with the right nurturing strategies, you can convert them into loyal customers. Now, we will discuss in detail the different types of leads and how you can prospect them.

What is a cold lead?

When the leads enter the sales process, they all are considered cold leads. It means the warm leads and hot leads were also once cold leads. Whether the leads go ahead in the sales funnel or not solely depends on the nurturing strategies that you implement.

The cold leads have less to no knowledge about your business and haven’t shown any direct interest in your services. It takes more time and effort to convert cold leads into prospects because they are at the top of the funnel.

What is a warm lead?

Warm leads have already made the first move and are above the cold leads. These are the leads that have already visited your website or opened your email. They are aware of the services that you offer and that’s why they have shared their contact information with you. However, you can’t expect them to close a deal immediately with you. Warm leads might take time to consider and evaluate your business value proposition.

Warm leads are basically between the cold and hot leads. Once your warm lead turns to a hot lead it becomes easy to turn and convert them into the customers. However, you need to play your cards right to turn the cold leads to warm leads. The cold leads are the hardest to convince and are sometimes even reluctant to receive emails.

Warm leads are comparatively easier to handle than cold leads because they’re interested and want to know more about you. You already have done the difficult task of grabbing their attention and fascinating them. Now, you just have to prove to them your distinction points and offer them your best solutions.

How to prospect: Cold leads Vs Warm leads

To secure maximum deals you need to have the best B2B outbound strategy that reaches out to both cold and warm leads. B2B Marketers need to nurture different types of leads on the basis of their buying journey stage.

For example, grabbing attention and making a meaningful connection with the cold leads is quite difficult. But to interact and engage with the warm leads is easier. However, this doesn’t mean that you should bombard them with loads of information. Also, you shouldn’t leave too much room for your competitors to influence and engage.

How to get Cold leads?

Getting the attention of the cold leads can be challenging. You can use different strategies to warm them up and bring about their interest. Below we have given various strategies that you can imply for the same.

  • Shoot Cold emails: You don’t want to piss off your prospective customers by constantly reaching out to them. The simple approach to get in touch with them is by sending compelling and informative cold emails. Try to write impressive subject lines that get the immediate attention of the receivers.
    B2B Marketers should try to personalize their cold emails for a better impression. According to a report by Salesloft, “Cold email personalization can increase the response rate up to 112%.” You can also carry out A/B testing to know which emails are getting a better response.
  • Utilize Social media: Most B2B buyers are active on social media these days. However, it would be better if you connect with them on professional platforms like LinkedIn. You can create your business profile on LinkedIn and make connections with prospective clients. You can directly message them or post information and updated content about your business.

How to get Warm leads?

Warm leads are the prospects that have already shown interest in your services by answering your surveys or calls. Now, you have to prove them that your solutions are the best and better than your competitors’ offerings.

  • Publish Client Testimonials: Most of the time, we go online and search for reviews before making any purchase. Similarly, the B2B buyers trust the prior customers’ experience more than the company’s claims.By posting positive client testimonials, you can gain the trust of your potential customers. You can demonstrate how you helped and improved your customers’ business previously by sending them case studies.
  • Personalization for better results: In today’s marketing world, personalization plays an important role. Customers have many options and they just want the best for themselves. You can spark the interest of your prospects by offering them relevant content and information. You can personalize blog posts, emails, and landing pages as per their interest. This will enhance the customer experience and push them towards making a purchase decision.
  • Try to have real conversations: As you know it’s always better to have real conversations than indirect ones. You can invite your warm lead to an in-person meeting or a Zoom call once you establish a solid connection with them. It doesn’t matter if the meeting happens in person or online. Try to make sure that you answer all their questions or doubts and interaction is of great value.
    You have completed half of your task once a cold lead moves from top to bottom of the sales funnel. However, you need to keep nurturing them till the time they don’t secure a deal with you. But even once they become your customers, you should nurture them to retain them as loyal customers.
The Bottom Line

Every buyer’s journey starts from showing interest in your product or service. When a lead enters the funnel, they might not be sure about closing a deal. B2B Marketers need to nurture the lead as per their stage of buying journey. Depending on their purchase stage, the leads are divided into cold and warm leads. While interacting with the cold leads could be challenging, it’s much easier to communicate with warm leads. However, with the right prospecting and nurturing strategy you can compel them to close a deal with you.

If you are looking to generate more high-quality leads and improve your marketing and sales funnel conversion, please write to us at info@vsynergize.com. Our team of lead generation experts brings to the table some of the most innovative and ROI-driven lead generation techniques to help strengthen your lead pipeline for the short term as well as the long term.

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