MarTech has found a special place in every B2B Marketer’s mind and heart. According to Gartner 2020 Marketing Technology Survey, Marketers said that they would keep B2B Marketing Automation as one of the top tools if faced with a budget cut. 

When thinking about Marketing Automation and B2B lead generation services, we have highly known and heard about the strategies that had tremendous outcomes while others were absolute failures. The hottest secret to being successful in lead generation services is to: initially, know who your audience is and what marketing automation platforms they are active on, research on some tremendous strategies to achieve your goals and that really work for your business type, and achieve an automated lead generation agency gradually.

As consumers are more active online nowadays, online platforms are now a trend for every marketer to sell whether it is  B2B or B2C, it is also the easiest way to keep track of the activity via online channels. Nowadays buyers search a lot for their needs online before buying and marketers are keenly doing combined advertising using B2B Demand Generation Companies, social media, content marketing, landing pages, email marketing automation platform, SEO, and lead nurturing campaigns that automatically bring in, convert, generate more sales leads, and nurture new business leads.

Also addressing Marketing automation here is a solution to the problem of how to form a unified lead generation strategy for your business. It is outlined to offer a set of features that enable you to take control of lead generation, from converting website visitors into leads and nurturing them over time to improve the sales qualification till they are ready to purchase.

The fundamental process of marketing automation is all about generating and nurturing leads. Lead arriving from a landing page or following up with email nurturing campaigns that qualify your leads for sales.

Without a doubt, Lead Generation is a powerful way for businesses to stay ahead of the competition, but potentially the most useful feature of marketing automation is that it enables you to personalize your communication with each lead based upon their details and current sales-ready lead.

The lead generation method using automation helps you to keep your leads engaged and actively moving through the stages of your sales.

73% of users state that the customer experience is the most vital factor. From that, only 49% of buyers state they are receiving a good customer experience.

The necessary steps for generating qualified leads with Marketing Automation are:

1. Convert a visitor to a lead

Ways to convert website visitors into leads using 8 separate lead generation tools and marketing automation software and strategies:

  • Google Analytics
  • Exit Intent Pop-Ups
  • Live Chat
  • Qualify Your Visitors Through Longer Lead Forms
  • Create Campaign-Specific Landing Pages
  • Optimize your acquisition channels 
  • Use CTA’s
  • Use relevant keyword

2. Nurture your lead

The  Lead Nurturing method forms a connection with consumers at every phase of the sales funnel. Here are some of the effective methods for Lead Nurturing.

  1. Your Brand Should Be Trustworthy
  2. Your Communication Should Be Relevant
  3. Your Content Should Be Conversational
  4. Your Strategy Should Be Multi-Channel
  5. Your Numbers Should Be Strategic and Impactful

3. Automated cold email campaigns

Applying a cold email tool is the best way to increase your email outreach and conversions.

Check out three key things to concentrate on a good automated cold email campaign:

  • Personalization Features
  • Email Tracking and Analytics
  • Best Email  Marketing Tools

4. Automation through personalized website experiences

To get the great benefits of website personalization and to avoid visitors from leaving your site, recommend content that interests them. When you give your visitors what they want, they tend to stick longer.

5. Automation using a chatbot

Automated chatbots help you in increasing customer satisfaction and improve customer loyalty. These are customer engagement apps to empower agents on the path to customer success with smarter, faster service tools.

6. Optimize your content for search engines

Content optimization doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s the easiest part of SEO to know. Although, you will have to make sure that you are following a method and sticking to best practices.

The content necessary to publish for meeting goals is:

  • To rank on the SERPs.
  • To earn links.
  • To educate an audience.
  • To drive social engagement.
  • To generate leads.

7. Create lead magnets

Lead Magnets also with the automated lead generation software are extremely common and useful with Inbound Marketing. It has only one goal: to increase the number of targeted leads you are getting for an offer. The effective lead magnet includes:

  • Choosing the buyers persona
  • Identifying the value proposition

8. Use lead automation tools

Marketing automation of B2B Lead Generation tools help you move your leads from one sales stage to the further interactive step of the prospects cycle:

  • Subscriber
  • Lead
  • Marketing Qualified
  • Sales Qualified
  • Customer

The stages are depending upon the marketing material, and methods you use to interact with your leads. If you are facing issues in knowing what works better to nurture your leads, the basic step you could take is to define your buyer personas and to clarify the consumer types.

9. Close the sale

For closing a sale it is important to develop a sales process that works for your business, prospects, and overall goals. The important steps you can include in your B2B sales process are.

  • Conduct market research.
  • Determine your ideal buyer persona.
  • Map out the buyer’s journey.
  • Qualify leads.
  • Meet face-to-face.
  • Close the deal.
  • Track your results and improve.

10. Repeat and upgrade

Now once your marketing automation is powered up with the lead generation process in place, you can go for individual interactions that go into nurturing your leads and making improvements to grow effectiveness.

There are numerous opportunities in marketing automation, starting from simple lead nurturing emails to dynamic website personalization, retargeting, and a lot more. If you can think of it, marketing automation can run it. And every effort can be improved by passing  time and effort

Check out some great Marketing Automation Tools you can go for:

  1. HubSpot
  2. Pardot
  3. AdRoll
  4. Marketo
  5. DialogTech
  6. Oracle Eloqua
  7. LeadSquared
  8. Infusionsoft
  9. BuzzBuilder Pro
  10. Salesfusion

The goal of Marketing Automation for B2B Lead Generation automation tools is to help you save time while allowing you to better uncover and nurture leads so that your revenue will grow quickly. You can try marketing tools as per your requirements and budgets. 

What are your thoughts on the marketing automation trend, and how are you utilizing it in your Lead Generation process. We are keen to think the same. Simply reach us on or call on +1-732-481-9424

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