Increasing competition is forcing businesses to pay much more attention to satisfying customers, including by providing strong customer service. Servicing a customer is a part of every purchase and interaction with internal and external contacts. It can last a few seconds up to hours.

A great customer experience today is about meeting people where they already are. And today, there’s one channel where more potential customers are then any place: emails and chats. Although these are preferred support channels across various industries, some businesses are still missing the mark when it comes to providing a great customer experience through these channels:

Not Responsive

According to research 62% companies do not respond to customer service emails and of 90% do not inform the customer that their email was received which will leave the customer wondering if their message was delivered or was a miss. Moreover, its was found that the average response time to respond back to a customer was 12 hours and 10 minutes.

Don’t have latest technology stacks like Chatbot

Chatbots can work 24*7, quicker, efficient, and much less prone to error. It is important to remember that Chatbots are not as intelligent as humans, meaning that complicated queries or instructions will not be comprehensible to them. But any quick task or query is serviced much better in every aspect by a Chatbot.

Not Multilingual

If customer support is your point of difference or is an important to your product or service, then multilingual customer support is the way to go, considering key markets and depth of presence. The decision of which language to offer when – timezone related, on-demand or round the clock, should be backed by a thorough existing customer analysis and key target markets.

You’re missing peak customer support times

You should try to provide 24/7 live chat support and email support or atleast must choose the times that you cover. However, the peak times that you should be worried about or peak times for your business individually. Considering peak times also means understanding how things like holidays season spikes.

Lack of customer support during emergencies

Customers biggest complaints is the lack of available customer support during emergencies. You need to have a team of adequate number of highly skilled, properly trained customer representatives ready to provide support.

Too many escalations

If this is the case where you find too many escalations from your email and chat support, then your team may not be able to handle some delicate situation, which is unavoidable. But if more than one in 10 or 20 have to shift to a higher tier of service, that means your customer service people are either under-trained or under-empowered. You should find a way to provide the team with knowledge to fix specific customer problems.

Inefficient customer support replies

The process of customer engagement usually begins with the end-user opening a ticket. If a customer is replied with a message or solution that shows  inability to provide service in a timely manner, you may have just lost a customer. More than this, you may just a receive a negative review about your customer service.

Research shows that companies failing to meet customer expectations and are losing millions of dollars in lost customers and unnecessary internal follow-up work. Each email or chat might be a small effort, but it’s a big opportunity to build a better relationship with your customer. VSynergize has worked with businesses over 17+ years, managing customer support services that significantly reduced client’s time, efforts, and expenses. We can get you started in 24-48 hrs, if you have any questions shoot us an email at or call on +1-732-481-9424.

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