B2B Content Syndication is one of the most robust lead generation tools. You can use content to attract new customers, engage with existing ones, and qualify more leads. Using B2B content syndication service can help you to ensure a smooth flow of leads to your sales pipeline. But do you know why B2B content syndication campaigns are so successful?

Well if not then we will tell you about that!

However, we will first start with defining B2B content syndication and what its benefits are. Then, we will discuss why B2B vendors are using content syndication to generate leads.

What is Content Syndication in B2B Marketing? 

B2B content syndication is the process of distributing content on different channels so as to reach a large number of target audience. There are many ways of doing B2B content syndication such as telemarketing, running PPC ads, and cross-posting content on LinkedIn, etc.

B2B Marketers understand that content marketing plays a major role in lead generation. It can help to engage with prospects and carry out meaningful conversations. This not only helps in getting more leads but in more conversion rates as well.

How to Syndicate your Content?

In this section, we will tell you about the methods to syndicate your content. Basically, content syndication is of two types that is Inbound and Outbound content syndication.

Inbound Content Syndication

  • Co-Marketing: It is a strategy in which two companies work together on a project for mutual benefit. For this you need to search for a company like yours and work on doing something together like Co-hosting a webinar or Co-authoring a whitepaper together etc.
  • Social Media: You can promote your content on different social media accounts of your company. This will keep your followers updated and you will get the attention of the relevant audiences. You can also try to get your content shared through popular accounts that can enhance your reach.
  • Guest blogging: You can do guest blogging on sites related to your industry. This will help put forth your content in front of the right audiences. You can get more SEO benefits by backlinking as well.
  • PPC (Pay-per-click) ads: If you are looking for a quick way to drive traffic to your website then you can run paid ad campaigns. There are many platforms where you can do that such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also select the attributes of your target audience so that your campaigns are highly focused.

Outbound Content Syndication

  • Telemarketing: This is a B2B content syndication strategy in which you directly call your potential customers and offer your content to them. However for this, you require a large B2B data and accurate contact information.
  • Cold Email: If you know who your ideal customer is then you can directly target them by sending relevant emails. Prospects who might be interested will take action and you can further get in touch with them.

What are the Benefits of B2B Content Syndication?

According to the reports, “Over half of the demand gen marketers view B2B content syndication as a core lead generation tool.”

Below we have mentioned some of the major benefits of B2B content syndication service:

1. Reaches your Target Audience

Content marketing can work wonders for you if your content distribution is on point. First, you can use intent data to identify the warm leads and engage with them. You can use various tactics to reach out to them such as cold calling or emailing.

Using quality and relevant content can better get the attention of your potential customers. You can even ask questions during the outreach and determine how serious the prospect is about your service.

This way you can qualify your leads and determine which prospects are really interested in your services. B2B content syndication platforms allow you to reach a large number of potential customers thus removing the guesswork.

2. Creates Brand Awareness

If you have just started your business then you might know how important it is to create brand awareness. B2B content syndication can help you to create brand awareness and tap into new audiences.

Posting your content on authoritative websites and known industry newsletters can aid you in making people aware of your business. This will let your potential customers know that you exist in the market.

Further, you can conduct telemarketing marketing campaigns and connect with qualified prospects. Even if they don’t directly convert into sales at least they will be on your radar. You can later nurture those leads and push them ahead in the sales pipeline.

3. Helps in generating Leads

B2B content syndication helps in turning your content into a lead generation tool. By doing content syndication you can benefit from the 3rd party platforms and connect with the right audiences.

You can use outbound content syndication to generate leads such as cold calling and cold emailing. This allows you to communicate directly with warm leads and build a good relationship with them that can further lead to conversion.

4. Qualifying Prospects

How would you know if a lead is really interested in your service or not? Or are your efforts going in vain?

Well, to know that you need to have a defined lead qualification process. But do you know that you can even use B2B content syndication tactics for qualifying leads? Yes, you can use telemarketing and cold emails to question your prospects directly and check whether they are interested or not.

5. Establishes Credibility

Doing guest posting, backlinking, co-hosting webinars, and having conversations with potential customers helps to establish credibility. If your target market trusts you then the chances are that they’ll select you over your competitors.

B2B content syndication allows your customers to become more confident about their decision of choosing you. Having multiple touchpoints and presence on different channels makes people believe you more.

Why are B2B Marketers using Content Syndication for Generating Leads?

B2B vendors are switching to content syndication for generating leads due to the reasons that we have mentioned below:

  1. Increases visibility: B2B content syndication helps in enhancing visibility. Posting content on different platforms makes your content more visible to your target audience.
  2. It drives in more traffic to your website: When you syndicate your content on other websites and platforms, people tend to notice you. If they find your content worthy and interesting they are more likely to reach your website. This inturn increases traffic and thus brings in more leads.
  3. Strengthens relationships with existing and potential clients: B2B content syndication helps in strengthening your relationship with customers. They can comment and leave remarks on your content. This helps in building trust in your brand.

4. Helps in becoming an SME (Subject Matter Expert): You can establish your brand as an expert guide in your field by providing informative and valuable content. Once people start regarding you as an expert they tend to believe in your product or services more. Content Syndication companies aid you in establishing your brand as an SME.

The Main Takeaway

Content syndication can up your game of lead generation. By using authoritative and influential websites to post your content you can increase traffic on your website. B2B Content syndication helps you to distribute your content on various channels and blog sites. This aids in increasing your reach and audience engagement. Content syndication is one of the most effective content marketing strategies. As it not only gets many people interested in your business but also increases your credibility.

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