Social Media is driving the marketing world, which means that businesses are looking for more and more ways to combine it into their everyday processes to generate more leads and profit.

However, if you wish to generate new leads in the B2B market and would like to market to those other companies, then LinkedIn is the best way to go.

Also due to the current pandemic situation B2B events, networking, and gatherings, has just become a question. Key face-to-face events, such as meeting new clients, showcasing products, and general brand promotion have got a great push back. Preparing for a ‘return to normal’, salespeople are highly making use of professional sites to meet new audiences. 

And Linkedin is the most used platform by professionals and signifies a great impact to reach new prospects and leads.

Also as  LinkedIn provides salespeople with valuable tools for researching not only potential customers but also competitors. LinkedIn makes it easy to determine the best people to connect with at a company for salespeople. It makes further connections by joining relevant groups and participating in the discussion for salespeople. 

Linkedin is one such platform for professionals and the key to getting successful leads in the B2B market. Along with being a trusted source of news, LinkedIn enables business leaders to share important information with a wide range of other businesses, and you’ll be able to both find and connect with potential leads.

The recent amazing thing about Linkedin is that: it has come up with an amazing feature i.e 

Linkedin Live feature. It allows people and businesses to broadcast live video content with their connections. For that, you just need to submit an application, and Linkedin notifies when you approved for the live session. It tremendously great stuff done by Linkedin during this lockdown.

Also, businesses of all sizes rely on the tools and services of other businesses to succeed. 

Some business professionals might be hesitant to connect with you if they have never heard of you or your business, but you’re likely to find that many find connecting acceptable.

Understanding the audience is one of the most critical factors to the success of any marketing strategy, including LinkedIn marketing. By providing Website Demographics, LinkedIn makes it easier for you to get into the audience’s insights and capture their traits.

You can use the Linkedin platform to target your content to the appropriate audience, measure the impact, and optimize the return of investment (ROI).

LinkedIn groups are the rope in LinkedIn for construction and forming significant connections.

Also, you will find Linkedin groups for all different interests, industries, and topics. These are great places to interact with like-minded individuals, ask questions, offer advice, and listen.

Here are some reasons that LinkedIn is a must for all B2B businesses.

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Networking
  4. Business Learnings
  5. Community Building

While doing Linkedin marketing you can easily target the businesses that are most likely to advantage from your service or product.

93% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be a highly productive platform for Lead Generation.

Linkedin has reported a 60% growth in engagement rates amongst all the B2B marketing platforms.

Also, mistakes that should be avoided while doing Linkedin Marketing

  • Pushing sales
  • Irrelevant  content
  • Not optimizing your profile
  • Spamming with messages

Be very particular about the audience or domain that you want to relationships with on LinkedIn; think about industry sector, location, job titles of decision-makers, etc.

Your content should not be too sale-oriented or all about promoting your products. It is better to grab the audience’s interest and build their trust first, then target them to your products and services.

Design your content strategy around what prospects will want to read and what added value your content will give them. Make sure you sketch a strategy for every phase of your LinkedIn marketing plan, covering how what, and when to post. The great content can lead your marketing to succeed!

Also never forget using hashtags as they play a great role in your reach. Also, the goal of a hashtag is to describe and highlight what you are talking about, making it more accessible for others who are seeking or speaking about the same topic to find your content. Two to three hashtags are good to go for a single post.

You can also tag people or their brands whom you want to showcase or make relationships with. It forms a great impact, but just don’t overdo it!

Never forget tracking your performance. LinkedIn grants tracking all kinds of practices with their analytics dashboard, where you can check all the metrics that have been published by you. 


The two most important tracking matrices are:

  • CTR (click-through-rate)
  • Engagement rate

Tip: You should examine using search engine optimization (SEO) to create the content strictly optimized, as Google will allow up to 156 characters of your text in its search result. So it’s better to put relevant keywords into the page’s description and the entire page text.

More than 85% of LinkedIn engagement comes from mobile devices, so ensure all messaging and landing pages have been optimized for mobile.

And always remember marketing on LinkedIn is first and foremost about forming relationships.

Check out some amazing guidelines for  LinkedIn marketing plan:

  1. Make your content count.
  2. Create an informative company page
  3. Don’t be too sales-centric, try including domain ideas.
  4. Try using personalization in your pitch
  5. Create videos
  6. Keep content consistency
  7. Use hashtags
  8. Try posting what your audience is seeking.
  9. Don’t make your profile too boring or quirky 

Hope you are not from that era who are still not taking advantage of this highly valuable B2B marketing platform i.e Linkedin. Increase your brand awareness, increase your connections, and develop new leads using Linkedin.  Let’s just agree on the fact that mistakes make a man perfect:  never give up, try upgrading your Linkedin marketing skills and try using new strategies.

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