So, what does it really mean?

Multi-channel marketing is the method of applying multiple channels to connect customers. Also called cross-channel marketing, it even makes it easy for customers to fulfill desired conversions on whatsoever medium they are most comfortable with. It works according to the consumer’s desire.

In the current pandemic situation, there are many channels a business can take advantage of in order to reach potential customers. The communications channels included are:

  • PPC and other online advertising
  • Website (including content marketing/blogging)
  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Text messaging
  • Blogging
  • Brochures

Error! Filename not specified.As per the Gartner’s research, B2B marketing campaigns that integrate with the four or more digital channels will exceed single or multi-channel businesses by 300%.

A multichannel marketing plan is suited to:

  • Small to medium-sized businesses as an annual communications plan
  • Larger businesses as an annual communications plan

The key to a successful multichannel marketing strategy is incorporation; the most common challenge that most marketers experience. Increasingly, B2B marketers are moving more towards multi-channel marketing based on the success of the B2C models, and Radius aims to bring the same targeted, omnichannel customer experience to the B2B realm. The integration enables customers to identify and target audiences across channels, reaching subscribers on their most preferred method of communication.

Multichannel Marketing not only uplifts your brand image and appearance but also makes sure that your targeted audience is viewing your content and appropriately getting engaged to it, using their preferred platforms. Additionally, by personalizing your messaging for each medium, you can appeal to the broadest audience.

By integrating customer data, engagement history, and business intelligence, marketers can develop their reach with customized data predicted to boost conversions.

Pointers included in a Multichannel Marketing plan typically are:

  1. Information on customer profiles and relevant marketing communication channels.
  2. SMART objectives for acquiring or retaining customers.
  3. Marketing strategies together with content marketing.
  4. The integrated multichannel marketing approach can be used, overall the multiple platforms and media, in order to engage and convert buyers.
  5. How multichannel results will be measured for effectiveness, influence, and exclusion.

Challenges you could come across:

  1. Targeted messaging.
  2. Highly choreographed campaigns.
  3. Marketing response attribution.

Advantages of using Multichannel marketing during a Pandemic

Multichannel Marketing is vital for a quite simple reason that notifies you to be there where your customers are. And the positive point is they are everywhere. If you are just looking for the other important reasons, then you should definitely consider this: Multichannel customers spend three to four times a  day more than single-channel customers do.

There’s no doubt that customers nowadays have overfocused and have complete control over the buying process than marketers do. We should be grateful for the multichannel approach, where customers have more choices than ever when it comes to how they want to get information, and buyers can find them in a second in staying active in their actions.

We also understand that there are plenty of ways to reach customers in today’s advanced world – both in terms of quality and quantity of the target audience. And as the number of platforms and approaches continues to increase and buyers really need to switch onto the multichannel marketing approach.

During this pandemic virtual integration and proper functioning will definitely take you towards long-term interaction with your clients and using all of the marketing actions together will pave your way to reach your lead and sales targets.

95% of marketers understand the importance of multichannel marketing which is keenly focused on targeting. Whereas, only 73% proclaim that they have a multichannel approach in place.

In which 30% of marketers are highly confident in their ability to deliver a multichannel strategy, resulting in 67% who are quite confident.

And according to the consumer point of view,  72% of consumers say they would rather connect with brands and businesses over multichannel marketing.

A multi-channel marketing strategy will show tremendous engagement compared to the single-channel campaign as your message will be:

  • Highly targeted
  • Contextual, thus providing true value
  • Directed by logic using real-time data
  • Reaching every single user touch-point that matters

Multichannel marketing has, as the name implies, multiple benefits. Whether you need to test what copy works best, or you are looking to reach customers at different touchpoints, having an online presence across several platforms is your best bet.

Meeting consumers at multiple touchpoints across the consumer lifecycle means more opportunities to engage and convert consumers into customers.

Additional Takeaways:

Remember, in today’s era of hyper-personalization, customers are demanding more of your business. It’s time to give them the personalized marketing they want with a multichannel marketing strategy. You won’t regret it. VSynergize arms you with the right Strategy, Technology, and Operations to engage your target buyers, fill your pipeline, scale your Marketing Campaigns, and Grow your Business. For more details reach us directly on +1-732-481-9424 or email at

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