Content Syndication is one top-rated and proven B2B marketing technique that gives businesses a new life by opening a plethora of new business opportunities. It is considered one of the most economical ways to attract prospects towards a brand and assists greatly in boosting the sales prospects for the company. This is why it is recognized as the most trusted medium amongst B2B marketers to market their products/services.

This demand generation blog tells you in detail why Content Syndication is gaining popularity in the B2B world.

What is B2B content syndication? 

B2B content syndication is a popular demand generation strategy where you can re-publish your content to third-party sites. It helps organizations  promote their digital content like Whitepapers, Blogs, Podcasts, E-books, Videos, Infographics, etc., to other sites (popular but not owned by them) to introduce your brand to newer audiences. A carefully crafted B2B content syndication campaign can assist companies in driving more web traffic to their website and increase the brand reach substantially, especially amongst those desired prospects who would otherwise be impossible to tap.

Benefits of Content Syndication Campaign

1. Brand Awareness:

When you post content onto your website, it has a limited reach. But when you re-publish the same content on various popular websites that have millions of visitors each month, you get an opportunity to hit the real jackpot. By publishing useful content using a B2B content syndication campaign, you can show your authority on the subject and establish a positive brand identity in your core niche.

2. More Traffic:

When someone finds your re-published piece of content very insightful and if that visitor’s needs match with the services you offer, then it is natural for them to find more about you. It has been observed that visitors on third-party sites tend to be inclined towards the enterprise’s promoted website. As a result, enterprises experience very refined and increased web traffic. 

3. Increased Backlinks:

Google search algorithm works in a very fascinating way. Every company wants to rank higher to get visible to more visitors. Backlinks play a vital role in boosting the rankings. The more legitimate links you provide to your original website from the place of posting content on 3rd party websites, the more authority and reliability search engines assign to you. A smart B2B content syndication tactic always aims to create as many backlinks as possible to increase the potential for organic traffic.

4. Reduce Content Creation Load:

B2B enterprises spend significant strength curating distinct pieces of content to generate more leads. Content creation, on the other hand, is not an easy job; it takes a significant amount of time and effort. Content syndication allows the marketing team to serve the core purpose of content marketing without creating fresh or entirely new content every time. It helps save time, money, and energy. Also, it empowers the B2B content marketing team to focus better on high priority content with greater attention and focus.

5. Boost Lead Generation Outcomes:

It is a well-documented fact that content syndication helps generate more leads. If you hit the right chord, then content syndication strategy can keep your sales funnel up & running with good quality leads. According to one prominent research, 65% of marketers use content syndication to generate leads.

6. Engage Broader Audience:

Content syndication allows you to market your services on top-rated online platforms that fetch the attention of people worldwide. It gives you the advantage of gaining the attention of a vast pool of desired prospects that are otherwise hard to reach. It helps expand business across multiple geographies and industries.

Onboard B2B Content Syndication Vendors

If you don’t have an inhouse team to run a successful B2B content syndication campaign, then demand generation partners can help you out. VSynergize is a trusted name in the field of demand generation that also offers advanced content syndication services. We understand the world of demand generation in great depth and have helped numerous eminent clients grow substantially worldwide. You can also reap the benefits from our expertise and begin a chapter towards elevated success. Contact us at to know more.

Final Words

Content syndication is a vital demand generation mechanism that offers your company ‘EXTRA’ exposure that would not be possible otherwise. It is also an integral part of effective account-based marketing tactics. The leads you get from content syndication efforts are almost cold and you thus need to warm those leads using various other integrated marketing tactics to get the best sales outcomes.

Those who want to ace the business race cannot afford to miss the benefits gained through content syndication mechanisms. More than a marketing tactic, it has become a dire need for companies operating in the highly competitive B2B domain.

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