Lead generation is one of the most important aspects for any business in the B2B domain but as we all know it is a complex process. You need to put in constant efforts and have a team of professionals to make sure that you reach your targeted goal. Doing in house lead generation could be tempting but in the long run it is not very successful.

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What Is Outsourced Lead Generation?

Outsourced lead generation basically means hiring the external companies to drive in more leads to your sales team. Outsourced lead generation companies perform a wide range of activities like cold calling, product or service promotion to bring in the flow of leads for you. The ultimate goal of these companies is to generate more demand and increase sales

When To Outsource The B2B Lead Generation?

You can consider outsourcing your lead generation activities when you don’t have enough resources within your company. This can help you to get a good flow of leads for your marketing and sales team. There are many other reasons for which you can consider outbound lead generation companies, some of them are mentioned below.

  • You don’t need to hire and train new staff to source qualified leads.
  • You can cut down the time duration required for getting qualified leads.
  • The focus can be directly put on cold calling and booking appointments.
  • You can get more leads for your new product or service.
  • It opens more channels and has a firm process of assessing leads.

Top 10 Reasons Why To Outsource Lead Generation

If you are in a B2B organisation you might know that lead generation can be cumbersome and challenging. It is not a cakewalk to generate enough leads and guarantee profitability and quick return on investment. According to the CSO insights, ‘A whopping 68% of businesses reported struggling with lead generation, and another 61% of B2B marketing folks think lead generation is their top challenge.’ That’s where the Outsource lead generation comes out as a saviour. Below we have given our top 10 favorite reasons why you should outsource lead generation.

1. Outsourced Lead Generation Drive High ROI

You can get the most direct ROI with the outbound lead generation services at a much lower cost. Due to the complexities and uncertainties the Inbound lead generation can take upto 6 to 12 months to show results. This is quite a long time and thus outbound lead generation can be a much better effective solution. 

Another factor that you must think about is that hiring a lead generation strategy and tactics team can be expensive and time consuming. Whereas,you can directly hypertarget the leads that you want to do business with by outbound lead generation strategies. You can even predetermine how much you are spending and what is the output of it which is an additional benefit. This gives you an edge over your competitors and you can calculate the ROI with crystal clear maths.

2. Supports Outbound Multi-Channel Campaigns

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to expand their network. According to Michael Maynes, CIENCE’s VP of Sales, ‘The best possible outreach strategy is a multi channel one.’ But to execute a successful outbound multichannel campaign can be tricky and complex. Here, an outsourced B2B lead generation comes into play.

A solid outsourced lead generation strategy can help you to utilize the highly directed outbound channels and collect data from multiple sources. Thus, you can tap into the new channels and find those pre-qualified leads. Can’t wait to see the Inbound results? Invest in Vsynergize and get faster results for your multi channel marketing campaign.

3. Shoot Up Your Brand Exposure

According to a 2018 Google SERP study, ‘80% of the buyers will pick a familiar brand when searching for products online.’ Though, these days people are more acute in their product or service research but the brand awareness still remains an important element. Creating brand awareness gives you a competitive edge and builds trust on your brand. 

Outsourced B2B lead generation services can help you get your brand noticed and hook more prospects. From online communication to setting appointments, outbound B2B lead generation strategies can increase your brand exposure and get you better outturn.

4. Supports Inbound Conversions 

Do you know outbound helps in closing inbound deals? According to the 2019 CIENCE study, 17% of the Inbound closed deals were ones that were outbound assisted. The outbound channels target prospects through phone calls or emails and that results in Inbound closed deals. This effect is called the outbound assist.

There are many reasons why outbound is a key factor in closing inbound deals such as:

  • They tell your customers about your products and services.
  • Increases awareness about your brand and what solutions it provides. 
  • Navigate more visitors to your website.
  • Your brand or company gets more exposure.

Outbound method is a more effective way of approaching your target customers and supporting Inbound leads. It is very common for your prospects to come back around to your brand when they are searching for in-market solutions like yours. 

5. Spot Out Decision Makers

The main focus of the lead generation strategy is to reach and pinpoint the decision makers. Your strategy is good if you are able to find and speak to the right people. But to precisely know who’s in incharge of accepting appointments, taking purchase initiatives and locking business deals can be exhausting. 

A professional and experienced outbound SDR can frame out and identify decision makers easily. By appointing SDRs you can initiate conversations with the qualified leads and set appointments with the decision makers. Outsourcing SDR as a Service helps you in eliminating time which inturn increases the productivity of your inhouse team.

6. Highly Targets Your ICP And Buyer Personas

As we know it takes time for B2B companies at the beginning of a sales and marketing cycle to develop an ideal customer profile and target a user persona. This becomes more burdensome if you have limited resources and lack the expertise to create the lead generation strategy

By outbound lead generation you can accelerate the research process and determine the best ICPs and buyer personas. Utilizing the trained professionals who use sales intelligence can help your business to design effective marketing strategies.

  • Ideal Customer Profile – ICP is a description of a company that is most likely to become your next customer. It has the parameters which define what an ideal consumer should be like. ICP is mainly used as a guide for finding high quality leads for every outbound marketing campaign. 
  • Buyer Persona – BP is basically the information on your previous, existing and potential customers psychological traits, behavioral characteristics and buying habits. This helps you to understand your customers and communicate with them at every stage of the sales funnel.

7. Expand Your Reach To New Markets

Inbound marketing strategies often whirl around attracting the target audience. But this is what keeps them confined and limited to a niche. With outbound you can reach new markets and even check out new ones throughout the sales cycle.

An outbound lead generation can help you to reach new horizons. With outbound experts you can broaden your leads to new demographics and geographic locations. It is also a great way for testing new markets and making marketing strategies accordingly. You can even get a valuable insight into what is working in your strategy and what is not through the expert SDRs.

8.  Quick To Reach Markets

Another important advantage of outsourcing lead generation is that it helps you to reach the market faster. They are best at targeting the prospects that might be ready to purchase your product or service. Whereas the inbound events, product led growth and public relations may take time to foster results. 

As the outbound generated leads increase it creates more opportunities for your sales pipeline. This escorts more closed deals and speeds up the sales process. By outsourcing you can focus more on-go-to market strategy that can increase your sales and thus money in your account.

9. You Get Your Best Shot

Nowadays companies are starting to recognize that outbound lead generation is more reliable and cheap. It is a better way to get return on investment and hike up the sales cycle.

The Best Lead Generation Companies and Services LeadGeneration. Callbox. Upcall. CIENCE. DiscoverOrg. CandorWorks. Overdrive Interactive.

An outbound lead generation company can help you to look at your B2B campaigns and make sure that you are progressing. You get detailed reports with the metrics that you can keep a check on. This let’s you know if your outreach team is succeeding and what adjustments are required to enhance your business.

10. Boost Your Sales Team For Success

Success rate of a company relies on a robust sales pipeline. You can empower your sales team by SDR outsourcing as they can help you to get highly qualified leads in a shorter duration of time. According to the Demand Gen Report, ‘You can increase your sales opportunities by approximately 20% by nurturing your leads.’ 

The outsourced lead generation teams can help you to drive in more leads, cold calling and appointment setting. This gives your inhouse sales team an opportunity to spend more time on conversion of these highly qualified leads and securing deals.

Winding Up

Marketing strategies work better when made inhouse but other tasks like cold calling and appointment setting can be frustrating. Here, outbound lead generation strategies can help lift the weight of your shoulders. They are cheap as well and provide additional benefits like bringing more traffic to your websites and acquiring more leads. Outbounding usher proven value and healthy returns, thus making your business grow to its full potential. 

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