Powerful AI Contact Center Outsourcing

  • Save operational costs
  • AI-powered support workflows
  • Onshore CX at offshore cost

    Onshore Accents Offshore Costs

    With AI-powered Accent Translation Services, get the advantage of onshore accents for your customer service and support, while enjoying the cost savings of offshore operations.

    Top BPO Outsourcing

    Without Accent Translator

    Top BPO Outsourcing

    Without Accent Translator

    Delivering Where it Matters

    Simplifying Service in a Complex World

    Upto 40 Saving On Operational Costs
    Upto 40% Saving on Operational Costs
    Boost CSAT and Agent Productivity
    Boost CSAT and agent productivity
    Introduce AI Edge To Your CX Process
    Introduce AI edge to your CX process
    Decrease High Agent Attrition
    Decrease high agent attrition
    24/7 Support
    Deliver high-quality support 24/7 with AI
    Align Offshore Support With Your Brand
    Align offshore support with your brand
    Ensure Regulatory and Data Compliance
    Ensure regulatory and data compliance

    Transform Your Business Challenges into Opportunities with Our AI Contact Center Services

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    How does contact center AI work?

    Contact center AI improves customer service by incorporating artificial intelligence into various processes. It utilizes AI-powered chatbots for initial interactions, seamlessly transferring complex issues to human agents to enhance efficiency. 

    Conversational Insights

    Conversational Insights

    Speech Analytics

    Speech Analytics

    AI Powered and Automated Quality Assurance

    AI-Powered and Automated
    Quality Assurance

    AI Call Routing

    AI Call Routing

    Interactive Voice Chatbots

    Interactive Voice & Chatbots

    AI-Powered Agent Assistance

    AI-Powered Agent Assistance

    Best Practices of AI Contact Center Outsourcing

    Although integrating CCAI can provide advantages to keep you ahead of the curve, it’s essential to be mindful of a few concerns.

    Implementing contact center AI necessitates careful consideration of data privacy and security. Compliance with regulations like GDPR is essential.

    Besides, robust encryption and secure customer data storage. Ensuring these measures fosters customer trust and maintains regulatory compliance.

    Data and Privacy

    Seamless integration of contact center AI solutions with existing systems, including CRM platforms and ticketing systems, is critical for an optimal customer experience.

    Efficient data synchronization and information sharing between AI systems and other tools enrich customer insights, enabling personalized interactions and a cohesive customer journey.

    Integration With Existing Systems

    The successful adoption of contact center AI hinges on comprehensive agent training and a smooth transition process. Agents leverage AI systems for training and use their capabilities to enhance customer service.

    Training programs should emphasize building AI-related skills and cultivating a positive mindset toward AI integration, ensuring a successful and harmonious transition.

    Agent Training and Transition

    Key Business benefits of contact center AI

    AI provides significant business advantages for both customers and implementing businesses. Here are some key reasons to leverage contact center AI

    Reduced Call Volume with Self-Service Options

    Reduced Call Volume with Self-Service Options

    Improved Customer Experiences

    Improved Customer Experiences

    Lower OPEX

    Lower OPEX

    Improved Agent Performance Through Gamification

    Improved Agent Performance Through Gamification

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    Redefining CX Capabilities

    White Paper

    Redefining CX Capabilities: Scope of Omnichannel in AI Contact Centers


      How is AI used in contact centers?

      AI is used in contact centers for tasks such as speech analytics, automated call routing, chatbots, and real-time data analysis to enhance overall efficiency and customer experience.

      What are the AI bots in the contact center?

      AI bots in contact centers include chatbots and virtual assistants designed to engage with customers, answer queries, and facilitate seamless interactions.

      What interactions can contact center AI handle?

      Contact center AI can handle various interactions, from routine queries to complex problem-solving, by leveraging natural language processing and machine learning technologies.

      How does AI improve customer service in contact centers?

      AI improves customer service by automating tasks, providing quick and accurate responses, enabling personalized interactions, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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