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Customer Center Week
Las Vegas – 2024

Join Vsynergize at the Biggest CX Extravaganza
June 3-6, 2024 | Stall No. 1203 | Caesars Forum, Las Vegas

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    Why Meet Us?

    Vsynergize will be in the spotlight at the biggest CX tradeshow of 2024. Here’s a peek into everything we will show, explore, and talk about at CCW Las Vegas 2024.

    For Businesses

    • Customer Support
    • Tech Support
    • IT Support
    • NOC

    For Contact Centers

    • Exploring AQM
    • Explore Offshoring Oppourtunities
    • White Labeling Model

    For Consultants

    • Exploring outsourcing paternships
    • Best Win win plans for you clients

    For Individuals

    • Explore channel parternships

    Revolutionary ideas begin with visionary conversations

    Let's catch up!

    CCAI Technologies

    Cutting-edge technologies elevating customer experience across industries

    AI Agent Assist


    • Reduce Calls requiring Manual Intervention
    • Reduce AHT & Hold Time
    • Increase Call effectiveness
    • Increse in Agent Productivity, Satisfaction & Retention


    • Call Scoring
    • Speech-to-Text Analytics
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Call Transcription

    Gen AI Powered AQM


    • Improve CSAT & Enhance CX
    • Stick to Required Compliance
    • Reduce QC Time & Increase QC Coverage
    • Reduce QC Cost
    • Improve Agent Performance


    • Call Summarization
    • Tonal Analysis
    • Unique Keyword Identification
    • Automated CSAT Scores

    Sales Enablement & Conversational Intelligence


    • Automate Sales Pipeline Management
    • Increase Conversions
    • Market insights for better strategies


    • Agent performance coaching
    • Sales pipeline improvement
    • Actionable insights with accuracy
    • Real-time and Immediate analysis
    • Computerized call grading based on quality parameters.
    • Employee/Agent Coaching
    • Customizable dashboards
    • Compliance handling

    Meet the CX Visionaries behind Vsynergize!

    Dheerajj (Raj) Agarwal

    Founder and CEO, Vsynergize & AxlRev | Art of Living Teacher | OPM, Harvard Business School

    For over twenty years, Mr. Dheerajj Agarwal has steered Vsynergize towards delivering cutting-edge BPM, CX, and AI solutions to various industries’ contact centers. Under his leadership, Vsynergize has emerged as a pivotal provider of CX, AI contact center, revenue, conversation intelligence, and BPM solutions. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is a seasoned yogi and committed social worker.

    Vishakha Agarwaal

    Founder and CMO, Vsynergize | Forbes Marketing Leader | Art of Living Teacher 

    Vishakha’s dynamic leadership and entrepreneurial acumen have empowered Vsynergize to establish a formidable presence in the tech support, BPM, and AI CX sectors. Her innovative marketing and business strategies have steered numerous organizations toward success. Additionally, she is a captivating speaker, a mindfulness expert associated with Art of Living, and a philanthropist deeply committed to advancing girl child education.


    What is CCW Vegas 2024, and why should I attend?

    CCW Vegas 2024 is the premier customer contact event where industry leaders, innovators, and professionals gather to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in customer experience (CX). Attending CCW Vegas allows you to network with over 5000 attendees, gain insights from 240 speakers across 165 sessions, and explore groundbreaking CX innovations showcased by companies like Vsynergize.

    What are the event dates and venue?

    CCW Las Vegas 2024 will take place from 3rd – 6th June in Las Vegas. The venue boasts state-of-the-art facilities and ample space to accommodate all attendees.

    How can I schedule a meeting with Vsynergize at CCW Vegas 2024?

    Scheduling a meeting with Vsynergize at CCW Vegas 2024 is easy. Simply click on the “Schedule a Meeting” button on our event page banner or visit our booth during the event to book a meeting with our team. We look forward to discussing how our AI-driven CX solutions can benefit your business.

    How can I register for the event?

    Registration for CCW Las Vegas 2024 is simple and convenient. Visit the official event website to complete the registration process. Be sure to register early to take advantage of any early bird discounts and secure your spot at this premier customer contact event.

    Who are the key visionaries behind Vsynergize, and what expertise do they bring?

    The key visionaries behind Vsynergize are Dheeraj (Raj) Agarwaal, Founder and CEO, and Vishakha Agarwaal, Founder and CMO. With over twenty years of experience, Dheeraj has led Vsynergize in delivering cutting-edge BPM, CX, and AI solutions. Vishakha’s dynamic leadership and entrepreneurial acumen have empowered Vsynergize’s success in tech support, BPM, and AI CX sectors.

    What solutions and innovations will Vsynergize showcase at CCW Vegas 2024?

    At CCW Vegas 2024, Vsynergize will showcase a range of CX innovations, including Contact Center AI, AxlRev (Revenue-oriented Conversation Intelligence Platform), Accent Converter (Real-time Accent Neutralization with AI), Automation (RPA Innovations for Operational Efficiency), and BPM solutions. Visit our booth to explore these cutting-edge technologies and learn how they can transform your contact center operations.

    Can I access whitepapers and case studies about Vsynergize's solutions?

    Yes, you can access whitepapers and case studies about Vsynergize’s solutions at CCW Vegas 2024. Visit our booth or our event page for insights into how our Contact Center AI innovations are impacting industries like telecom, and learn how our AxlRev platform has helped clients achieve unprecedented CSAT, efficiency, and revenue outcomes.

    How can I stay updated on Vsynergize's latest CX innovations and updates post-event?

    To stay updated on Vsynergize’s latest CX innovations and updates post-event, subscribe to our newsletter, CX Connect. Our newsletter provides curated CX updates and highlights Vsynergize’s latest strides of success. Click on the “Subscribe to our Newsletter” button on our event page or visit our website to subscribe.

    Let’s Catch up at CCW Las Vegas 2024!

    We’re thrilled to showcase what Vsynergize has been cooking to transform contact centers.

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