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Generative AI-powered lead and agent management tool that accelerates your sales pipeline.

Maximize Sales Outcomes with AI-powered Sales Agent

Over 62% of AI CX leaders back contact center AI technologies in boosting buyer understanding.

72% of contact center experts believe AI will increase profitability and revenue while mitigating risks.

61% of new buyers prefer faster AI-generated responses over waiting for a human agent.

34% of organizations using AI contact center solutions have noticed revenue growth.

The journey from gathering quality leads to managing a high-quality sales team and updating CRM is long, time-consuming, and costly. You shouldn’t work for your CRM. It’s time to let the CRM work for you.

With AxlRev, ensure enhanced sales team performance with 100% agent monitoring, customizable lead quality tracking, simplified CRM, agent training support, and much more.

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For Inhouse team

During a 5-minute conversation with your leads, your SDRs dedicate nearly 2 minutes to updating the CRM with call status and other information. AxlRev slashes this time by 70% through automated call transcription and analysis. This means your team can devote more attention to crafting the perfect sales pitch, maximizing their effectiveness and efficiency.

AxlRev advantage for your internal sales team

100% Call Monitoring
Ensure every call meets your quality parameters

AI-Powered Analytics
Leverage detailed insights for strategic decision-making

Agent Coaching
Latest training modules for up-to-date agent learning

Higher Conversion Rates
Enhanced SDR performance, resulting in higher conversions

Customizable AQM For Each Project/Team
Customizable parameters for different projects and teams

Reduce time spent on updating CRM with call disposition and lead evaluation

Reduce Cost
Save on hiring manual quality control teams

GenAI-powered agent assist
Empower agents for exceptional customer experiences with prompt resolutions, automation, insights, and real-time support.

For your hired agency

Under pressure, agencies may deliver leads, but not all are verified. This means your internal quality team spends valuable time and resources replacing unqualified leads, leading to unnecessary costs. AxlRev offers a solution: gain a comprehensive view of your agency’s performance and only pay for qualified leads. With AxlRev, you can streamline your lead management process, reduce time wastage, and cut unnecessary expenses.

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AxlRev advantage if you have hired an agency

Put efforts only on verified leads
Pay your agency only for genuine leads with automated lead verification

Save lead evaluation time
Automated lead evaluation for categorizing accurate lead status on the sales funnel – MQL/SQL/BANT/AG

Unified view of all the teams and projects
Effortless tracking of all the teams and projects assigned to the agency

Customizable lead quality metrics
Customize different lead quality metrics for different teams and projects

Get customer insights for effective sales strategies
Get reports on customer needs, pain points, and preferences to personalize your sales efforts

Higher conversions
Personalize sales efforts with detailed customer insights and boost conversions

Industries We Serve

AxlRev’s AI & ML-driven technology delivers exceptional results across various industries.
Our revenue acceleration solutions are designed to address industry-specific challenges and opportunities, ensuring that businesses across multiple sectors can achieve their revenue growth goals effectively. With our advanced sales enablement tools, you can transform your operations and drive revenue in the following industries


Efficiently track and follow-up with defaulters and streamline debt recovery processes.


Streamline patient interactions and elevate customer care with AI-enhanced solutions.


Drive revenue in banking, financial services, and insurance through automated insights.


Optimize customer engagement and support with data-driven strategies.


Boost sales, conversions, and customer retention with AI-driven insights.


Lead the tech industry with AI-powered solutions for revenue acceleration.


What is Vaxlrev, and how does it facilitate team performance monitoring?

Vaxlrev includes our sales intelligence tool – AxlRev. It is an AI-powered lead and agent management tool that optimizes sales pipeline efficiency. It facilitates team performance monitoring by providing 100% quality monitoring, AI-driven customer insights, and customizable KPIs for teams.

How does Vaxlrev conduct SDR (Sales Development Representative) performance reviews?

Vaccelerate or AxlRev conducts SDR performance reviews by automating call transcription and analysis, enabling detailed insights into agent performance. It provides 100% call monitoring, genAI-powered analytics, and agent coaching with the latest training modules.

Can Vaxlrev automate call quality control (QC) processes?

Our tool, AxlRev, can automate call quality control processes by leveraging genAI-powered analytics to monitor call quality and ensure adherence to quality parameters.

How does Vaxlrev support agent coaching initiatives?

The tool supports agent coaching by providing access to the latest training modules, personalized coaching based on performance insights, and automated call scoring for targeted feedback.

Are the lead quality parameters customizable in Vaxlrev?

Yes, AxlRev offers customizable lead quality parameters for different projects and teams, allowing organizations to tailor their lead evaluation process according to their specific requirements.

Can Vaxlrev automate lead verification tasks?

Yes, the tool can automate lead verification tasks, ensuring that only verified leads are pursued further, saving time and resources.

What metrics does Vaxlrev use to evaluate team performance?

The tool evaluates team performance based on call quality, conversion rates, lead qualification, agent productivity, and customer insights derived from AI analytics.

Is Vaxlrev compatible with various CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems?

Yes, AxlRev is compatible with various CRM systems, offering seamless integration to simplify data management and enhance sales processes.

What reporting and analytics features does Vaxlrev offer?

The tool offers comprehensive reporting and analytics features, including detailed insights into customer needs, pain points, preferences, and performance metrics for agents and teams.

How does Vaxlrev ensure data security and compliance with privacy regulations?

The tool ensures data security and compliance with privacy regulations through encryption, access controls, and adherence to industry standards such as GDPR. Additionally, it provides secure data transmission and storage mechanisms to safeguard sensitive information.

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