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Generate High Quality Leads with our Lead Generation Process

Highly qualified leads mean more sales and better business. VSynergize has been focusing on lead generation as a service for over 19 years now. Our core expertise lies in the approach that we follow during our process of generating leads, taking your marketing outcomes to new levels by doing away with high effort and low outcome model of traditional marketing. More the high-quality contacts, the better the leads.

We focus on accelerating ROI by providing lead generation services that help fuel sales.

Our goal is to feed your sales pipeline with


(Qualified Meeting)


(Leading to Opportunities)


of over 50%

As a B2B company, possessing a lead marketing strategy should be a part of your marketing plan. Exceptionally if your company’s industry is tech, owning a multi-channel approach to it is crucial. Planning to leverage multiple channels to increase your potential and your results. A Multi-Channel Lead Generation solution is a future for B2B businesses.

Employing a multi-channel approach in your business for your technology company has numerous advantages. It attracts your prospects seamlessly during the sales funnel and beyond multiple channels. In addition to this, it increases the demand for your business. 

It’s highly important to define the target audience and target market before starting with multichannel marketing. The multi-Channel framework allows you to target the customers you want to reach, on the right networks and channels they are most likely to find them on.

The main goal of getting leads is to build a sales pipeline by attracting and gaining the attention of prospects in a certain product or service. It can be performed by any means – online, or offline.

If a B2B business does not consider Lead Generation services, it will struggle to make sales and expand. B2B business should always sketch a good marketing strategy. 

Good marketing strategies can be readily tracked by KPIs. Your KPI standards depend upon your company goal, method, and target audience. These allow you to understand whether your plan is useful or not and increase your customer benefits program easily. This also helps sales reps prioritize leads based on their convertibility. 

The prioritization helps sales reps to focus their conversations on leads with the highest urgency and quality while increasing the conversion ratio.

The utmost part of any marketing plan is getting qualified leads. Understanding your target audience in your sales funnel is very crucial for building sales and earning fresh customers and clients.

Types of Lead Generation services we offer are:

  1. Marketing Qualified Leads
  2. Sales Qualified Leads
  3. BANT Qualified Leads
  4. Voice Verified Leads
  5. Appointment Setting
  6. Contact Discovery
  7. Account-Based Marketing
  8. Content Syndication 
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Event Marketing
  11. Webinar Marketing

Also, the online B2B marketing solutions that stay at the top are:

  • Email marketing
  • Search marketing
  • Social marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization

VSynergize B2B services and solutions, comprise of call, lead, and revenue tracking, your business can generate website traffic and convert that traffic into relevant leads and revenue.

We master turning your cold scratch into the pipeline of hot leads!

B2B Lead generation services do not stop at defining who your leads are in a group of prospective contacts. It is the very important part to pick out the challenges to upgrade your lead generation practices.

VSynergize practice best Lead Generation methods for  increasing revenues such as:

  1. We encourage Customer Referrals
  2. Create Engaging and Useful Content
  3. We make use of SEO, SEM, and PPC
  4. Explore Cross-promotions and Co-marketing
  5. Build Valuable Content
  6. Use Qualifying Questions
  7. Rank Your Leads
  8. Categorize Your Lead Funnel
  9. Use Multi-Device Targeting Strategies
  10. Streamline Your Data Across Channels
  11. Exploit Next-Generation SEO
  12. Track Campaigns based on ROI
  13. Connect Your Content Assets
  14. Guide Your Leads to Several Blog Entries
  15. Provide a Product Sample or Freebie
  16. Create an Email Marketing Strategy
  17. Optimize Your Website Homepage
  18. Guest Post on High-Quality Publications
  19. Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy
  20. Add Live Chat to Your Site

B2B Lead Generation solutions use optimum testing strategies to create campaigns that deliver results that highly meet or strike your goals.

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B2B Data

Having worked with global clients for more than 17 years has given us valuable experience and insight into what works best and produces results.

B2B Sales Leads are qualified leads that sales people can reach

Marketing Qualified Leads

VSynergize specializes in converting Marketing Qualified Leads to high quality Sales Qualified Leads. A lead becomes qualified when marketing decides that a lead is ready to be moved to sales.

Sales Qualified Leads SQL B2B Appointment Setting

Sales Qualified Leads

VSynergize specializes in converting Marketing Qualified Leads to high quality Sales Qualified Leads.

BANT covers the major governing factors which help to identify a qualified lead

BANT Qualified Leads

Our Lead Nurturing Services helps companies design and execute campaigns to meet their specific engagement goals and turn leads into High-Quality Sales conversation.

Voice Verified Leads .Qualified lead generation made easy with our Accredited investor leads for sale. Buy pre-qualified investment leads from the top Lead Generation company.

Voice Verified Leads

We are a company that specializes in voice verified leads and are leaders in the business. We make sure our leads are high quality and completely reliable.

B2B appointment setting is a sales development activity that involves trained sales

Appointment Setting

Appointment setters are usually the first impression between a prospect and the company trying to make a sale.

VSynergize Outsourcing B2B contact discovery services provide role, title, etc details with 100% accuracy

Contact Discovery

It is absolutely critical to identify the right person within an organization who is responsible for taking decisions that will affect the buying of your products and services.

A lot of B2B companies experience inaccuracy in their database

Data Append & Cleaning

Optimize your Data to maximize ROI from your marketing campaigns

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