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Ensuring High Quality Control Standards through Outsourcing Quality Control

  • Reduce Quality Control Cost Upto 60% – 70% & Optimize ROI
  • Improve Process Quality & Accuracy
  • Redesign Quality Control process flow as per Six Sigma experts
  • Boost Productivity with Automation
  • Revolutionary technology based on AI, ML, and NLP
  • Leveraging data driven decision with analytics
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End-to-end Quality Control Outsourcing Model

Quality Check Automation Process

  • Automate call monitoring from customer interactions to improve your service
  • Automate call scoring based on quality control parameters
  • Quality check on voice processes, real-time or historical call data/recordings
  • Get live insights on each call score, compliance, and customer handling capability of your reps
  • Provide improved customer service experience through speech analytics

Maximize Your Productivity with powerful Automation Engines

Automation Experts

Design, implement, and maintain Automated Quality Control Systems developed by automation experts with extensive knowledge and experience.

Leading Partnerships

Our partnership with companies such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Blue Prism, and Pega allows you to access the most up-to-date automation solutions.


Incorporate innovative solutions with advanced technologies to help your business processes achieve faster, more accurate, and more reliable quality control.

Value-driven automation solutions

We develop productive systems that cater to your unique quality control needs & assist you in achieving your cost-saving & quality control goals.

Unleash the Power of Data with Our Comprehensive Analytics

Pareto Disqualification reasons

Identify the most common reasons for disqualification during the quality control process and take appropriate actions to address them and rectify the overall quality of your company.

QC Dashboard for all teams

Always stay informed about the quality of the outsourced products or services, enabling you to address any quality issues and improve overall quality control immediately.

Quality percentage of qualified leads

Analyzing data related to the percentage of qualified leads can help your businesses identify areas where they need to improve their lead generation process and better quality control.

Advisor-wise qualified leads

Data analytics can help you identify which advisors are generating the highest quality leads, allowing them to optimize the outsourcing process and replicate successful strategies across the organization.

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